The ACM Special Interest Group on Management of Data is concerned with the principles, techniques and applications of database management systems and data management technology. Our members include software developers, academic and industrial researchers, practitioners, users, and students. SIGMOD sponsors the annual SIGMOD/PODS conference, one of the most important and selective in the field.

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SIGMOD Executive Committee Position on Racism

The ACM SIGMOD is committed to ensuring that all SIGMOD activities are carried out in an inclusive and diverse environment with zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, or any other form of misconduct.  DBCares, a database community wide initiative, co-started with the VLDB Endowment, is a realization of this principle.

We cannot be satisfied with continuing the status quo. We will continue to actively stand against discrimination. We will find new ways to address the inequities that exist in our field. We will help to create an environment that is more welcoming, just, and equitable to all. 

SIGMOD’s Position on Racism

We join ACM, CRA and VLDB Endowment in stating that we will continue to listen, to learn, to engage and to explore new ways to fight against and reject racism.  Silence perpetuates, doubt reinforces, and rationalization of incident after incident only compounds the pain so many in our society continue to endure. This is especially important for the SIGMOD community, given that the computer science field has historically lacked diversity.

We know that racism:

  • Is systemic and institutionalized.
  • Continues to oppress people of color around the world – denying basic human rights, denying opportunity, and even more tragically denying many of their very lives.
  • Is learned behavior that may be unlearned through education, compassion, empathy, and action.
  • Drives a wedge between communities, and in doing so limits the quest for a society steeped in respect.
  • Benefits the privileged from its existence, who must be willing to sacrifice to overcome it.

To stand against it, we:  

  • Acknowledge the existence of racism within our communities and commit to defeating it.
  • Call out and reject rationalization of incidents and distortion of information.
  • Educate ourselves and those around us to address racism in its many forms.
  • Stand up against the status quo by using our voice and agency.
  • Invite the community to discuss concrete steps and commit resources to create lasting change.



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