Corrigenda to former PODS papers can be submitted to be published in the proceedings:

  1. The corrigenda concern papers that originally appeared in earlier proceedings of PODS.
  2. Corrigenda do not count as separate publications.
  3. The corrigenda have to mention important corrections of the original paper (not only typos).
  4. The corrigenda have not yet been published elsewhere, nor as part of a journal version of the original paper.
  5. All the authors of the original paper have to be authors of the corrigendum (but there can be additional authors).
  6. The corrigenda are at most 3 pages, with the font of the proceedings.
  7. Corrigenda are included in the proceedings and the PODS pages on the web but are not presented during the conference.
  8. The decision, whether a corrigendum is accepted to be published in the proceedings, is taken by the PC of PODS.

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