Every year, PODS features 2 or 3 tutorials. Short abstracts of the tutorials usually appear in the Proceedings. Here we provide links to full versions – either full papers of slides of the tutorials (if they are available).

Wim Martens: Towards Theory for Real-World Data
Rediet Abebe : Algorithms on Trial: Interrogating Evidentiary Statistical Software
Dániel Marx: Modern Lower Bound Techniques in Database Theory and Constraint Satisfaction [video]
Barna Saha: Approximation Algorithms for Large Scale Data Analysis [video]
Adnan Darwiche: Three Modern Roles for Logic in AI
Arnaud Durand: Fine-Grained Complexity Analysis of Queries: From Decision to Counting and Enumeration
Alan Fekete: Making Consistency Protocols Serializable
Suresh Venkatasubramanian: Algorithmic Fairness: Measures, Methods and Representations
Arvind Narayanan: Blockchains: Past, Present, and Future
Rajeev Raman: In-memory Representations of Databases via Succinct Data Structures
Lise Getoor: Statistical Relational Learning: Unifying AI & DB Perspectives on Structured Probabilistic Models
Ke Yi: Random Sampling on Big Data: Techniques and Applications
Dan Suciu: Communication Cost in Parallel Query Processing: A Tutorial
Sara Cohen: Data Management for Social Networking
Frank Neven: Logical Aspects of Massively Parallel and Distributed Systems
Todd J. Green: LogiQL: A Declarative Language for Enterprise Applications
Graham Cormode: Compact Summaries over Large Datasets
Peter J. Haas: Model-data Ecosystems: Challenges, Tools, and Trends
Benny Kimelfeld: Database Principles in Information Extraction
Piotr Indyk: Sketching via Hashing: From Heavy Hitters to Compressed Sensing to Sparse Fourier Transform (slides)
Pablo Barcelo: Querying Graph Databases
Benjamin C. Pierce: Linguistic Foundations for Bidirectional Transformations
Michael W. Mahoney: Approximate Computation and Implicit Regularization for Very Large-scale Data Analysis
Marcelo Arenas and Jorge Perez: Querying Semantic Web Data with SPARQL: State of the Art and Research Perspectives (slides)
S. Muthu Muthukrishnan: Data Stream Analysis: Principles and Perspectives (slides)
Gerhard Weikum and Martin Theobald: From Information to Knowledge: Harvesting Entities and Relationships from Web Sources
T.S. Jayram: Information Complexity
Lars Arge: Worst-Case Efficient Range Search Indexing
Leonid Libkin: The finite model theory toolbox of a database theoretician
Mikolaj Bojanczyk: Effective Characterizations of Tree Logics
Wenfei Fan: Dependencies Revisited for Improving Data Quality
Nicole Schweikardt: Machine Models and Lower Bounds for Query Processing
Jan Van den Bussche, Dirk Van Gucht, Stijn Vansummeren: A Crash Course on Database Queries
Joseph Y. Halpern: From Statistical Knowledge Bases to Degrees of Belief: An Overview
Christoph Koch: Processing Queries on Tree-structured Data Efficiently
Enrico Franconi, Sergio Tessaris: The logic of RDF and SPARQL
Johannes Gehrke: Models and Methods for Privacy-preserving Data Publishing and Analysis
Monica S. Lam, John Whaley, V. Benjamin Livshits, Michael C. Martin, Dzintars Avots, Michael Carbin, Christopher Unkel: Context-sensitive Program Analysis as Database Queries
Monika Rauch Henzinger: The Past, Present and Future of Web Information Retrieval
Thomas Schwentick: Trees, Automata and XML (printable slidesslides in motion)
Rakesh Agrawal: Privacy in data systems
Maurizio Lenzerini: Data Integration: A Theoretical Perspective
Dennis Shasha, Jason Tsong-Li Wang, Rosalba Giugno: Algorithmics and Applications of Tree and Graph Searching
Martin Grohe: The Parameterized Complexity of Database Queries
F. T. Leighton: The Challenges of Delivering Content on the Internet
Ashish Gupta: Entrepreneurship for Information Systems Researchers
Moshe Y. Vardi: Constraint Satisfaction and Database Theory
Jon M. Kleinberg, Andrew Tomkins: Applications of Linear Algebra in Information Retrieval and Hypertext Analysis
J. D. Tygar: Open Problems in Electronic Commerce
Surajit Chaudhuri: An Overview of Query Optimization in Relational Systems
Judith Klavans: Data Bases in Digital Libraries: Where Computer Science and Information Management Meet
Jeffrey Scott Vitter: External Memory Algorithms
Peter Buneman: Semistructured Data
Richard Hull: Managing Semantic Heterogeneity in Databases: A Theoretical Perspective
Arie Shoshani: OLAP and Statistical Databases: Similarities and Differences
Max J. Egenhofer: Geographic Database Systems: Issues and Research Needs
Udi Manber: Future Directions and Research Problems in the World Wide Web
Nathan Goodman: Research Problems in Genome Databases
Paris C. Kanellakis: Constraint Programming and Database Languages
Phokion G. Kolaitis: Combinatorial Games In Database Theory
Rakesh Agrawal: Database Mining
Gaston H. Gonnet: Text Dominated Databases, Theory, Practice and Experience
Val Tannen: Languages for Collection Types
Jan Chomicki: Temporal Query Languages: a Survey
Alberto Mendelzon: Belief Revision Theory and Knowledge Base Updates