The goals of this technical section are: to provide links to database theory columns in SIGMOD Record and SIGACT News, to provide links to other database associations, and to give reports on conferences of interest to the PODS community.


Database Principles Column of SIGMOD Record edited by Pablo Barcelo (current) and Leonid Libkin (until June 2011)
(A complete list of articles, can also be found here).

Vol. 41(1), March 2012 Peter T. Wood Query Languages for Graph Databases
Vol. 40(3), September 2011 Andrea Cali, Georg Gottlob, Thomas Lukasiewicz and Andreas Pieris A logical toolbox for ontological reasoning
Vol. 39(2), June 2010 Daniel Deutch and Tova Milo On Models and Query Languages for Probabilistic Processes
Vol. 38(2), June 2009 Nicole Schweikardt Machine Models for Query Processing
Vol. 38(1), March 2009 Pablo Barcelo Logical Foundations of Relational Data Exchange
Vol. 37(4), December 2008 Benny Kimelfeld, and Yehoshua Sagiv  Modeling and Querying Probabilistic XML Data
Vol. 37(4), December 2008 Christoph Koch On Query Algebras for Probabilistic Databases
Vol. 36(3), September 2007 Wim Martens, Frank Neven, and Thomas Schwentick Simple off the shelf abstractions for XML Schema
Vol. 36(2), June 2007 Balder ten Cate and Maarten Marx Navigational XPath: Calculus and Algebra
Vol. 36(1), March 2007 Luc Segoufin Static Analysis of XML Processing with Data Values
Vol. 35(4), December 2006 Marcelo Arenas Normalization Theory for XML
Vol. 35(2), June 2006 Leopoldo Bertossi Consistent Query Answering in Databases
Vol. 35(1), March 2006 Alin Deutsch, Lucian Popa, and Val Tannen Query Reformulation with Constraints
Vol. 34(3), September 2005 Francesco Scarcello Query Answering Exploiting Structural Properties
Vol. 34(2), June 2005 Rick Hull and Jianwen Su Tools for Composite Web Services: A Short Overview
Vol. 34(1), March 2005 Sara Cohen Containment of Aggregate Queries
Vol. 33(2), June 2004 Georg Gottlob and Christoph Koch Logic-based Web Information Extraction
Vol. 33(1), March 2004 Thomas Schwentick XPath Query Containment
Vol. 32(4), December 2003 Diego Calvanese, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Maurizio Lenzerini, and Moshe Vardi Reasoning on Regular Path Queries
Vol. 32(2), June 2003 Victor Vianu A Web Odyssey: from Codd to XML
Vol. 31(4), December 2002 Martin Grohe: Parameterized Complexity for the Database Theorist
Vol. 31(3), September 2002 Frank Neven : Automata Theory for XML Researchers
Vol. 31(2), June 2002 Ronald Fagin: Combining Fuzzy Information: an Overview
Vol. 31(1), March 2002 Dan Suciu: The XML Typechecking Problem
Vol. 30(4), December 2001 Luca Cardelli: Describing Semistructured Data
Vol. 30(1), March 2001 Peter Buneman, Wenfei Fan, Jerome Simeon, Scott Weinsten: Constraints for Semi-structured Data and XML
Vol. 29(4), December 2000 Alon Halevy: Theory of Answering Queries Using Views
Vol. 29(3), September 2000 Jan Van den Bussche: Constraint Databases: A Tutorial Introduction
Vol. 29(1), March 2000 Guozhu Dong, Juanwen Su: Incremental Maintenance of Recursive Views Using Relational Calculus/SQL
Vol. 28(4), December 1999 Serge Abiteboul: On views and XML

Database Theory Column of SIGACT News (currently edited by Victor Vianu)

To get access to those articles on-line, which include reports on the PODS Conferences by PC chairs, one must be a member of SIGACT. Your library is likely to subscribe to SIGACT News. Below is the list of Database Theory Columns:

Vol. 36, Number 3, September 2005 Foto Afrati. Report on PODS 2005.
Vol. 31, Number 3, September 2000 Georg Gottlob. Report on PODS’2000.
Vol. 30, Number 4, December 1999 Leonid Libkin. Query languages with arithmetic and constraint databases.
Vol. 29, Number 4, December 1998 Dan Suciu. An overview of semistructured data.
Vol. 29, Number 3, September 1998 Jan Paredaens. Report on PODS’98.
Vol. 28, Number 3, September 1997 Meral Ozsoyoglu. Report on PODS’97.
Vol. 27, Number 4, December 1996 Richard Hull. Report on PODS’96.
Vol. 27, Number 3, September 1996 Mihalis Yannakakis. Perspectives on Database Theory (based on FOCS’95 invited talk).
Vol. 27, Number 2, June 1996 Stephane Grumbach, Leonid Libkin, Tova Milo, Limsoon Wong. Query languages for bags: expressive power and complexity
Vol. 26, Number 4, December 1995 Serge Abiteboul. Report on PODS’95.
Vol. 26, Number 3, September 1995 Christos Papadimitriou.  Database metatheory: Asking the big queries (based on PODS’95 invited talk).
Vol. 26, Number 2, June 1995 David Harel. Will I be pretty, will I be rich? Some thoughts on theory vs. practice in systems engineering (based on PODS’94 invited talk).

Database Associations


If you organized a conference  or a workshop that overlaps in its technical scope with PODS, and you have a report on it, please send  e-mail with a URL to Wim Martens.