PODS '85- Proceedings of the fourth ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD symposium on Principles of database systems

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Concurrency and linear hashing

Semantically-based concurrancy control for search structures

The interpolation-based grid file

Concurrent operations on B-trees with overtaking

On optimizing summary-table-by-example queries

A query language for a homogeneous temporal database

Querying logical databases

Updating a relational database through a universal schema interface

Relaxing the universal relation scheme assumption

A semantic approach to correctness of concurrent transaction executions

Algorithmic aspects of multiversion concurrency control

Deadlock-freedom (and saftey) of transactions in a distributed database

An experimental evaluation of crash recovery machanisms

On the correctness of a local storage subsystem

Distributed management in local area networks

Equivalence of views by query capacity

Algebraic versus probabilstic independence in data bases

Algorithms for translating view updates to database updates for views involving selections, projections, and joins

Chordality properties on graphs and minimal conceptual connections in semantic data models

On computing restricted projections of representative instances

Efficient query answering in the representative instance approach

An improved algorithm for finding a key of a relation

Transactions and integrity constraints

Embedded join dependencies as a tool for decomposing full join dependencies

An efficient, fault-tolerant protocol for replicated data management

The complexity of reliable concurrency control

On the complexity of commit protocols

Small Armstrong relations for database design

A normal form for nested relations

Partition semantics for relations