PODS '86- Proceedings of the fifth ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD symposium on Principles of database systems

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Magic sets and other strange ways to implement logic programs (extended abstract)

On the implementation of a simple class of logic queries for databases

Convergence of sideways query evaluation

A theoretical foundation of multi-level concurrency control

Deleting completed transactions

Safety of non-well-locked transaction systems

A calculus for complex objects

Some classes of multilevel relational structures

Weak temporal relations

Rearranging data to maximize the efficiency of compression

Order preserving linear hashing using dynamic key statistics

Balanced multidimensional extendible hash tree

Negation as failure for first-order queries

Positivism vs minimalism in deductive databases

The extended closed world assumption and its relationship to parallel circumscription

On the properties and characterization of connection-trap-free schemes

One flavor assumption and gamma-acyclicity for universal relation views

The equivalence of solving queries and producing tree projections (extended abstract)

Sagiv,Y-On finite FD-acyclicity

Unifying functional and multivalued dependencies for relational database design

Alpha-acyclic decompositions of relational database schemes

Constant time maintenance or the triumph of the FD.

Test data for relational queries

A model-theoretic approach to updating logical databases

Deciding properties of transactional schemas

Availability in partitioned replicated databases

On the integrity of databases with incomplete information

Data independent recursion in deductive databases

Parallel evaluation of recursive rule queries