PODS '91- Proceedings of the tenth ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART symposium on Principles of database systems

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Tools for Datalog boundedness

On Datalog vs. polynomial time (extended abstract)

On the power of rule-based languages with sets

The expressiveness of a family of finite set languages

Non-deterministic queue operations

Bounded ignorance in replicated systems

A tight upper bound on the benefits of replication and consistency control protocols

Modeling hot spots in database systems (extended abstract)

Modular acyclicity and tail recursion in logic programs

Structural query optimization—a uniform framework for semantic query optimization in deductive databases

Detecting redundant tuples during query evaluation

Overbound and right-linear queries

Deductive databases in action

Minimum and maximum predicates in logic programming

Performance analysis of file organizations that use multi-bucket data leaves with partial expansions (extended abstract)

Constraint-based query optimization for spatial databases

Uncoupling updating and rebalancing in chromatic binary search trees

Mixed-approach algorithms for transitive closure (extended abstract)

On negation in HiLog (extended abstract)

Termination detection in logic programs using argument sizes (extended abstract)

Inference of inequality constraints in logic programs (extended abstracts)

Parallelizing Datalog programs by generalized pivoting

Suppressing marginal cells to protect sensitive information in a two-dimensional statistical table (extended abstract)

Semantic complexity of classes of relational queries and query independent data partitioning

On the expected size of recursive Datalog queries

On the representation of infinite temporal data and queries (extended abstract)

The expressive power structured values in pure OODB's (extended abstract)

Subtyping in OODB's (extended abstract)

Tractable query languages for complex object databases

On the equivalence of database restructurings involving object identifiers (extended abstract)