PODS '95- Proceedings of the fourteenth ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART symposium on Principles of database systems

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Database metatheory: asking the big queries

Algebras for querying text regions (extended abstract)

Sequences, Datalog and transducers

Similarity-based queries

Constraint programming and database languages: a tutorial

Separability of polyhedra for optimal filtering of spatial and constraint data

Dense-order constraint databases (extended abstract)

Measuring infinite relations

Window query-optimal clustering of spatial objects

Answering queries using views (extended abstract)

Answering queries using templates with binding patterns (extended abstract)

View maintenance issues for the chronicle data model (extended abstract)

Research problems in genome databases

Semantics and expressiveness issues in active databases (extended abstract)

Space-bounded FOIES (extended abstract)

The size of a revised knowledge base

Semantic query optimization in Datalog programs (extended abstract)

Magic factoring of closure programs (extended abstract)

Structural totality and constraint stratification

Using witness generators to support bi-directional update between object-based databases (extended abstract)

Applying an update method to a set of receivers (extended abstract)

Normalizing incomplete databases

Combinatorial games in database theory

Safe locking policies for dynamic databases

Increasing the resilience of atomic commit, at no additional cost

Scheduling problems in parallel query optimization

On the complexity of bounded-variable queries (extended abstract)

Finite queries do not have effective syntax

The reliability of queries (extended abstract)