PODS '96- Proceedings of the fifteenth ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART symposium on Principles of database systems

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Accessing information from globally distributed knowledge repositories (extended abstract)

Relational expressive power of constraint query languages

Linear vs. order constraint queries over rational databases (extended abstract)

Towards practical constraint databases (extended abstract)

Variable independence and aggregation closure

Temporal versus first-order logic to query temporal databases

Point vs. interval-based query languages for temporal databases (extended abstract)

Testing complex temporal relationships involving multiple granularities and its application to data mining (extended abstract)

In memoriam: Paris C. Kanellakis

Geographic database systems: issues and research needs

Topological queries in spatial databases

Tables as a paradigm for querying and restructuring (extended abstract)

On genericity and parametricity (extended abstract)

Verifiable properties of database transactions

Chasing constrained tuple-generating dependencies

Recovery for transaction failures in object-based databases

Are window queries representative for arbitrary range queries?

A model for the prediction of R-tree performance

Efficient and accurate cost models for parallel query optimization (extended abstract)

Mining optimized association rules for numeric attributes

Managing conflicts between rules (extended abstract)

Static analysis of intensional databases in U-Datalog (extended abstract)

Future directions and research problems in the World Wide Web

Combining fuzzy information from multiple systems (extended abstract)

Answering queries using limited external query processors (extended abstract)

Integrating information by outerjoins and full disjunctions (extended abstract)