PODS '97- Proceedings of the sixteenth ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART symposium on Principles of database systems

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Multimedia support for databases

On the complexity of database queries (extended abstract)

Deciding containment for queries with complex objects (extended abstract)

On the containment and equivalence of database queries with linear constraints (extended abstract)

Conjunctive query equivalence of keyed relational schemas (extended abstract)

Managing semantic heterogeneity in databases: a theoretical prospective

Complete geometrical query languages (extended abstract)

On the decidability of semi-linearity for semi-algebraic sets and its implications for spatial databases (extended abstract)

A cost model for nearest neighbor search in high-dimensional data space

Languages for relational databases over interpreted structures

Rewriting queries using views in description logics

Answering recursive queries using views

Semistructured data

Regular path queries with constraints

Formal models of Web queries

Cut and paste

Stochastic service guarantees for continuous data on multi-zone disks

Epidemic algorithms in replicated databases (extended abstract)

Replication and consistency: being lazy helps sometimes

OLAP and statistical databases: similarities and differences

Correctness and parallelism in composite systems

Data mining, hypergraph transversals, and machine learning (extended abstract)

Referential actions as logical rules

Partial-sum queries in OLAP data cubes using covering codes

On the complexity of generating optimal plans with cross products (extended abstract)

On the analysis of indexing schemes

Processing queries by linear constraints