PODS '98- Proceedings of the seventeenth ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART symposium on Principles of database systems

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Fuzzy queries in multimedia database systems

Expressiveness of structured document query languages based on attribute grammars

A new framework for itemset generation

Logic based modeling and analysis of workflows

An overview of query optimization in relational systems

A lower bound theorem for indexing schemes and its application to multidimensional range queries

Tight bounds for 2-dimensional indexing schemes

A cost model for similarity queries in metric spaces

Data base design principles for striping and placement of delay-sensitive data on disks

Throughput-competitive admission control for continuous media databases

Querying spatial databases via topological invariants

Safe constraint queries

An expressive language for linear spatial database queries

External memory algorithms

Path constraints on semistructured and structured data

Query containment for conjunctive queries with regular expressions

On the decidability of query containment under constraints

Latent semantic indexing: a probabilistic analysis

Efficient searching with linear constraints

Relational transducers for electronic commerce

Generalizing data to provide anonymity when disclosing information (abstract)

Typed query languages for databases containing queries

On the complexity of the containment problem for conjunctive queries with built-in predicates

Conjunctive-query containment and constraint satisfaction

Deciding equivalences among aggregate queries

Data bases in digital libraries: where computer science and information management meet

The complexity of query reliability

Dynamic tree isomorphism via first-order updates to a relational database

Complexity of nonrecursive logic programs with complex values

Complexity of answering queries using materialized views

Decidability and undecidability results for the termination problem of active database rules

Dynamic assembly of views in data cubes