PODS '99- Proceedings of the eighteenth ACM SIGMOD-SIGACT-SIGART symposium on Principles of database systems

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On views and XML

Tracking join and self-join sizes in limited storage

Hypertree decompositions and tractable queries

Efficiently sequencing tape-resident jobs

Processing and optimization of multiway spatial joins using R-trees

Interaction between path and type constraints

Consistent query answers in inconsistent databases

Type inference in the polymorphic relational algebra

Reasoning about nested functional dependencies

Open problems in electronic commerce

Exact and approximate aggregation in constraint query languages

Minimal data upgrading to prevent inference and association attacks

A framework for measuring changes in data characteristics

Least expected cost query optimization: an exercise in utility

Inherent complexity of recursive queries

Rewriting aggregate queries using views

On the complexity of the view-selection problem

Querying aggregate data

Applications of linear algebra in information retrieval and hypertext analysis

Rewriting of regular expressions and regular path queries

Query automata

Type inference for queries on semistructured data

Queries with incomplete answers over semistructured data

Fast time-series searching with scaling and shifting

Substring selectivity estimation

On indexing mobile objects

Using LDAP directory caches

Correctness in general configurations of transactional components

Workflow, transactions and datalog

Atomicity with incompatible presumptions

Concurrency control and recovery in transactional process management

Window-accumulated subsequence matching problem is linear

Locality preserving dictionaries: theory & application to clustering in databases

On two-dimensional indexability and optimal range search indexing

Group updates for relaxed height-balanced trees