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Welcome to DiSC 2006!

ACM SIGMOD Digital Symposium Collection, DiSC, is a comprehensive collection of periodicals in the areas of databases and information management. This eighth issue of DiSC, DiSC'06, includes tens of Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops, and Journals. It also includes videos of two SIGMOD keynotes, PODS invited talk, and two SIGMOD tutorials. All included forums are from 2005. These materials are published by ACM, IEEE, Springer and VLDB Endowment. DiSC'06 is the result of collaboration among DiSC's editorial board members who compile the contents of different conferences.

DiSC'06 marks the third and my final term as the Editor of DiSC. A significant accomplishment during these three years is the creation and deployment of DiSCGenesis, a web-based infrastructure that empowers editors to upload content and collaborate with one another. In addition, this infrastructure enables everyone to lookup the forums included in past releases of DiSC and those targeted for current and future releases of DiSC.

It is my pleasure to announce Professor Joachim Hammer of the University of Florida is the new DiSC editor. He has started work on DiSC'07 and I look forward to this release along with many more under his leadership.

Finally, similar to DiSC, my daughter also turned eight this year. I introduced Shideh to you in DiSC'04. Reflecting back, Shideh has changed in many ways. For one, she no longer plays by my desk while I work on DiSC. She now knows all about DVDs and how they are used. She is somewhat annoyed by the DVD player of our home entertainment system and why it cannot display data DVDs. Hopefully, these devices will evolve to display both data and video DVDs seamlessly, enabling us to watch videos of keynotes and tutorials on both our PCs and TVs.

I hope DiSC'06 is a timely reference material for your research and wish you the best with your activities.

Shahram Ghandeharizadeh,
Los Angeles, California,
May 22, 2006.

©2006 Association for Computing Machinery