Some last thoughts as you prepare to head to Madison


As the 2002 SIGMOD/PODS conference approaches, I had some last minute thoughts (other than wondering why I agreed to be General Chair) that I wanted to share with you.


1.       Do not rent a car.  If you are flying into Madison take a taxi to your hotel.  It will be about a $10-$15 cab ride.  If you are staying at one of the downtown hotels, everything will be within walking distance and you will not need a car.   Be a little careful when picking a cab. Do NOT take a Badger cab as they may give you a long tour of Madison on the way to your hotel as they are allowed to pick up other riders along the way.  Pick a cab from Union Cab or Madison Taxi instead even if a Badger cab is at the front of the taxi line.   Many of the hotels also run shuttles from the airport. Check with your hotel.


2.      If you end up getting stuck in O’Hare for some reason, Madison is about a two-hour drive from O’Hare.   If you don’t want to rent a car, the Van Galder bus company offers frequent buses to Madison from O’Hare.  Get off at the UW Memorial Union stop and take a cab to your hotel.  The URL for Van Galder is  The buses leave from the O’Hare Bus Shuttle Center. This center is at the same level as baggage claim. There are underground tunnels one level lower than the baggage claim level connecting the baggage claim areas of each of the three terminals to the center. Buses leave in the morning at 6, 7, 8:30, 9:40, 10:30, 11:45, in the afternoon at 12:30, 2, 3, 3:30, 4, and 5 and in the evening at 6, 7, 8, 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30.  Cost is $ 21 and the trip takes 3 hours (the bus makes a couple of stops along the way).


3.      If you are runner, bring your shoes.  Monona Terrace sits on Lake Monona.  The run around Monona is about 10 miles.


4.      If you roller blade, bring your skates.  A portion of the run mentioned above is on a 3-4 mile paved path that runs right next to the lake.  This is one of the premier spots to rollerblade in Madison.


5.      If you arrive over the weekend, please see the list of restaurant suggestions that we have posted on the web site.  We will provide copies of this list at the registration desk as well.


6.      All speakers need to bring their own laptops.  We will be providing video projection equipment but NOT laptops.


7.      The email/demo room will be equipped with 6 laptops for reading mail.  In addition we will be providing 6 RJ45 cables connected to a router that will provide IP addresses via DHCP.  Finally, the email/demo room will be set up to provide wireless connectivity to the Internet via 802.11b.   No wireless access will be provided in the lecture rooms.


8.      See you on next week.


David DeWitt

General Chair