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ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2003 Conference

San Diego, California
June 9-12, 2003

SIGMOD Accepted Demos

Below is a list of the demos accepted for the ACM SIGMOD 2003 conference, to be held as part of the Federated Computing Research Conference (FCRC), in San Diego, California, USA, June 10-12, 2003.

The final titles and author lists are subject to change and will be posted after the Camera Ready copy due in mid March, 2003.

Demos: (22 accepted out of 73 submissions)

Group A
A System for Watermarking Relational Databases
Rakesh Agrawal, Jerry Kiernan
Query by Humming - in Action with its Technology Revealed
Yunyue Zhu, Dennis Shasha
PeerDB: Peering into Personal Databases
Beng Chin Ooi, Kian-Lee Tan, Aoying Zhou, Chin Hong Goh,Yingguang Li, Chu Yee Liau, Bo Ling, Wee Siong Ng,Yanfeng Shu, Xiaoyu Wang, Ming Zhang
GridDB: A Database Interface to the Grid
David T. Liu, Michael J. Franklin
CMVF: A Novel Dimension Reduction Scheme for Efficient Indexing in A Large Image Database
Jialie Shen, Anne H.H. Ngu, John Shepherd, Du Q. Huynh, Quan Z. Sheng
PLASTIC: Reducing the Cost of Query Optimization through Query Clustering
Vibhuti S. Sengar, Jayant R. Haritsa
BIRN-M: A Semantic Mediator for Solving Real-World Neuroscience Problems
Amarnath Gupta, Bertram Ludascher, Maryann E. Martone, Arcot Rajasekar,Edward Ross, Xufei Qian, Simone Santini, Haiyun He, Ilya Zaslavsky
Group B
STREAM: The Stanford Stream Data Manager
Arvind Arasu, Brian Babcock, Shivnath Babu, Mayur Datar, Keith Ito, Justin Rosenstein, and Jennifer Widom
Aurora: A Data Stream Management System
D. Abadi, D. Carney, U. Cetintemel, M. Cherniack, C. Convey, C. Erwin, E. Galvez, M. Hatoun,A. Maskey, A. Rasin, A. Singer, M. Stonebraker, N. Tatbul, Y. Xing, R. Yan, S. Zdonik
IrisNet: Internet-scale Resource-Intensive Sensor Services
Amol Deshpande,Suman Nath,Phillip B. Gibbons,Srinivasan Seshan
TelegraphCQ: Continuous Dataflow Processing
The TelegraphCQ Team
Transparent Mid-Tier Database Caching in SQL Server
Per-Åke Larson, Jonathan Goldstein
DBCache: Middle-tier Database Caching for Highly Scalable e-Business Architectures
Mehmet Altinel, Christof Bornhövd, Sailesh Krishnamurthy, C. Mohan, Hamid Pirahesh, Berthold Reinwald
IPSOFACTO:A Visual Correlation Tool for Aggregate Network Traffic Data
Flip Korn, S. Muthukrishnan, Yunyue Zhu
SOCQET: Semantic OLAP with Compressed Cube and Summarization
Laks V.S. Lakshmanan, Jian Pei, Yan Zhao
Group C
QXtract: A Building Block for Efficient Information Extraction from Plain-Text Databases
Eugene Agichtein, Luis Gravano
PIX: Exact and Approximate Phrase Matching in XML
Sihem Amer-Yahia, Mary Fernandez, Divesh Srivastava, Yu Xu
LockX: A System for Efficiently Querying Secure XML
SungRan Cho, Sihem Amer-Yahia, Laks V.S. Lakshmanan, Divesh Srivastava
TREX: DTD-Conforming XML to XML Transformations
Aoying Zhou, Qing Wang, Zhimao Guo, Xueqing Gong, Shihui Zheng, Hongwei Wu, Jianchang Xiao, Kun Yue,Wenfei Fan
Rainbow: Multi-XQuery Optimization Using Materialized XML Views
Xin Zhang, Bradford Pielech, Luping Ding, Brian Murphy, Ling Wang, Katica Dimitrova, Maged El Sayed, and Elke A. Rundensteiner
TIMBER: A Native System for Querying XML
Stelios Paparizos, Shurug Al-Khalifa, Adriane Chapman, H. V. Jagadish, Laks V. S. Lakshmanan, Andrew Nierman, Jignesh M. Patel, Divesh Srivastava, Nuwee Wiwatwattana, Yuqing Wu, Cong Yu
ROLEX: Relational On-Line Exchange with XML
Philip Bohannon, Xin (Luna) Dong, Sumit Ganguly, Henry F. Korth, Chengkai Li, P.P.S. Narayan, Pradeep Shenoy

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