Affiliated Workshops

Sunday, June 25

Fifth International ACM Workshop on Data Engineering for Wireless and Mobile Access (MobiDE 2006)
June 25, 2006

MobiDE'06 is the fifth in a successful series of workshops that aims to act as a bridge between the data management, wireless networking, and mobile computing communities. The previous workshops took place in Seattle, WA, in conjunction with MobiCom 1999; in Santa Barbara, CA, together with SIGMOD 2001; in San Diego, CA, in conjunction with MobiCom 2003; and in Baltimore, MD, in conjunction with SIGMOD 2005. MobiDE'06 is held together with SIGMOD/PODS and serves as a forum where researchers and technologists discuss the state-of-the-art, present their contributions, and set future directions in the general area of data management for mobile and wireless access, including sensor networks. The specific focus of MobiDE'06 is on novel mobile applications and services, including games, entertainment, and infotainment.

Second International Workshop onData Management on New Hardware (DaMoN 2006)
June 25, 2006

The aim of DaMoN is to bring together researchers who are interested in optimizing database performance on modern computing infrastructure by designing new data management techniques and tools. The main question is how trends in modern computer architecture such as multi-core CPUs with superscalar out-of-order execution, simultaneous multi-threading, multi-level memory hierarchies, and future storage hardware (such as MEMS) affect the performance of database systems. To identify and meet these challenges, the data management community needs interdisciplinary collaboration with computer architecture, compiler and operating systems researchers. DaMoN is a one-day workshop that provides a lively, informal, meeting place for researchers from these communities, conveniently co-located with the prime data management conferences ACM SIGMOD/PODS.

Friday, June 30

First International Workshop on Performance and Evaluation of Data Management Systems (EXPDB 2006)
June 30, 2006

EXPDB's main goal is to present insights gained from experimental results in the area of data management systems. A second, longer-reaching goal is to promote the scientific validation of experimental results in the database community, and facilitate the emergence of an accepted methodology for gathering, reporting, and sharing performance measures in the data management community.

Information Quality in Information Systems (IQIS 2006)
June 30, 2006

The third edition of the International Workshop IQIS 2006 (Information Quality in Information Systems) in conjunction with SIGMOD'2006 in Chicago focuses on database-centric issues in data quality (scalability, quality-aware query processing, applications like data integration). It intends to address methods, techniques of massive data processing and analysis, methodologies, new algorithmic approaches or frameworks for designing data quality metrics in order to understand and to explore data quality, to find data glitches (as data quality problems such as duplicates, errors, outliers, contradictions, inconsistencies, etc.) and to ensure both data and information quality of database-backed information systems.

Ninth International Workshop on the Web and Databases (WebDB 2006)
June 30, 2006

The Web hosts ever-increasing volumes of diverse data and associated services that cannot be fully exploited unless appropriate management and integration technologies are developed. The influence of the Web has been remarkable in the areas of databases, AI, and IR, where existing data models, data retrieval and extraction techniques, query languages and evaluation strategies, and semantic integration methods are constantly being revisited to account for new and heterogeneous data types, as well as for new scenarios under which the data is generated and processed. The WebDB workshop promotes novel research on next-generation information systems and encourages interaction between the database and other Web-related research communities. The workshop provides a forum where researchers and practitioners can share their knowledge and opinions about problems and solutions at the intersection of data management and the Web.

XIME-P 2006 3rd Int'l Workshop on XQuery Implementation, Experience and Perspectives
June 30, 2006

Co-chairs: Mike Carey (BEA Systems Inc.), Torsten Grust (TU Muenchen)

XIME-P 2006 is the third workshop in the XIME-P series, dedicated to research and industrial efforts on the implementation, utilization, and overall prospects of XQuery. XQuery development is happening on the verge of databases, document processing, and programming languages. This ''heterogeneity'' in contributions and attendees has been a source of lively debate and an interesting technical program for previous XIME-P editions. In this spirit, XIME-P 2006 features a mixture of seven talks, discussions, demo'ing, and a concluding panel. A keynote address by Don Chamberlin (IBM Almaden) - a lead of the W3C XQuery Working Group - will open the day.

Last but not least, all odds are that after 8 years of work XQuery will become a standard at around the time of SIGMOD 2006, making 2006 a landmark year for XQuery as well as XIME-P.