Shoring Up Persistent Applications

Michael J. Carey, David J. DeWitt, Michael J. Franklin, Nancy E. Hall, Mark L. McAuliffe, Jeffrey F. Naughton, Daniel T. Schuh, Marvin H. Solomon, C. K. Tan, Odysseas G. Tsatalos, Seth J. White, and Michael J. Zwilling

There are three noteworthy contributions in this paper, looking back from the perspective of a decade later. First, this paper presented a framework for multi-language persistent objects. Since there are few “single-language” environments, this paper pointed the way for more general interfaces. Second, the paper integrated DBMS constructs with file system constructs at a storage manager level. Current DBMS vendors require a file system interface, while modern file systems are finally moving toward typed objects. SHORE pointed the way for elegant support of both kinds of interfaces. Lastly, SHORE was extensively used as a building block for systems that came later. Hence, it was possible for other researchers to use SHORE as a starting point. The use of SHORE in the Object-Relational DBMS Predator is noteworthy in this regard.