The Hive and PIG Database Systems

2018 SIGMOD Systems Award

The developers of the Hive and Pig database systems are the recipients of the 2018 SIGMOD Systems Award for developing seminal software systems that served to bring relational-style declarative programming to the Hadoop ecosystem



Jeff Hammerbacher (MUSC), Ashish Thusoo (Qubole), Joydeep Sen Sarma (Qubole)

Jeff Hammerbacher is an Assistant Professor at MUSC, an investor at Techammer, and a board member at Ciox and Cytel. Previously, Jeff was an Assistant Professor at Mount Sinai, a founder and Chief Scientist of Cloudera, an Entrepreneur in Residence at Accel Partners, manager of the Data team at Facebook, and a fixed income quant at Bear Stearns. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Harvard University.

Ashish Thusoo is the CEO and co-founder of Qubole, a cloud-native big data activation platform that selfmanages, self-optimizes, and learns to improve automatically in order to vastly simplify the operationalization of enterprise data lakes using the cloud. Before co-founding Qubole, Ashish ran Facebook’s Data Infrastructure team; under his leadership the team built one of the largest data processing and analytics platforms in the world. At Facebook Ashish co-created Apache Hive and brought SQL capabilities to the new age data processing architectures and in the process helped to create the big data industry.

Joydeep Sen Sarma is CTO and co-founder at Qubole – one of the largest providers of Big-Data-as-aService – where he leads technology initiatives with a particular focus on building cloud-native data processing technologies and autonomous computing. Joydeep was an early engineer at Facebook where he brought up their Hadoop based data infrastructure, started what became Apache Hive, managed the Data Infrastructure team, and was a key architect on FB Messages. Joydeep graduated from IIT-Delhi and the University of Pittsburgh and worked on databases, file systems, high availability, and behavioral targeting and recommender systems at Oracle, Netapp and Yahoo.


Christopher Olston (Google), Benjamin Reed (Facebook), Utkarsh Srivastava (Google)

Christopher Olston is a staff research scientist at Google, specializing in machine-learning infrastructure. His past research focused on large-scale data management and web data techniques (e.g. crawling). He delivered a keynote talk at the 2011 ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing, and won the 2009 ACM SIGMOD Best Paper Award. Olston holds computer science degrees from Stanford (Ph.D., M.S.) and UC Berkeley (B.S.).

Benjamin Reed is working in the area of mobile computing and core infrastructure systems at Facebook to help make the world more open and connected. Before joining Facebook, Benjamin worked on Pig at Yahoo! Research. He received a PhD in computer science from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2000. In the fall of 2018 he will join the faculty of the San Jose State University Department of Computer Science to teach and research distributed systems and data management.

Utkarsh Srivastava has held engineering leadership positions at Google and Twitter where he has helped to build large-scale systems for content serving and ranking. Prior to that, Utkarsh helped to build Yahoo’s first multi-data-center distributed database, and Pig, a high-level query language over Hadoop. Utkarsh holds a PhD from Stanford and a bachelors from IIT Kanpur.