David Lomet

2010 SIGMOD Contributions Award

Dr. David Lomet is the recipient of the 2010 SIGMOD Contribution Award for his outstanding leadership as the Editor-In-Chief of the IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, a key forum for dissemination of emerging ideas in academia and industry.  Lomet has been a key figure in our field, holding many additional leadership roles and demonstrating in each his dedication to service and to our community.

Details: By awarding David Lomet the ACM Contributions Award, we recognize his outstanding contributions to our community in leading the IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin for nearly 20 years and thereby creating a collection of timely articles of great value. He has almost single-handedly driven the IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, providing our community with a constant stream of special issues, assembled by world-class invited guest editors.  This service has been a wonderful benefit to the field, as each issue has provided a “root node” into key projects, both academic and industrial, and into the research literature related to the topic of the issue.  These articles and issues have thus provided a “fast path” to see what’s happening in an area as well as a way to make sure industrial highlights are brought to the attention of academics and vice versa.  Not only has Lomet run the Bulletin, but he also negotiated with IEEE Computer Society and authors to make issues of the Bulletin available on CDROM via the SIGMOD DiSC, and later, to digitize the entire set of issues from 1977 on so that they can be available online to all.

Lomet has made significant contributions to our field through service in other roles as well. He was a Co-PC Chair of VLDB and he is currently on the VLDB Board of Trustees. He has been both a Co-PC Chair and a Co-General Chair of IEEE Data Engineering Conferences, and served as a member of the Steering Committee of the IEEE Technical Committee on Data Engineering from 2004-2009.  He sets a high standard of service for our community.