Gerhard Weikum

2011 SIGMOD Contributions Award

Gerhard Weikum receives the 2011 SIGMOD Contributions Award for his significant service to the database community, through research leadership and academic mentoring as well as through his advocacy for change in several of our key institutions. In particular, Weikum has been  a long term leader and influential organizer in innovating our collaboration and publication culture to deal with the tremendous growth and broadening of our field while maintaining high standards of quality.

Details: Weikum has provided substantial and continuing service to the  database community through leading roles in conferences and interdisciplinary workshops, editorial boards, and academic mentoring. He served as PC Chair of SIGMOD, ICDE, and CIDR, and significantly contributed to the successful  development and quality assurance of these conferences in a transition era characterized by tremendous growth in submissions and the need for interdisciplinary broadening. As one highly visible aspect of his leadership, Weikum, in his role as president of the VLDB Endowment, encouraged the adoption of a journal-style reviewing culture and quality assurance for conference-style papers, to combine the best of the conference and journal reviewing process. Weikum has been an inspiring intellectual leader of the database community for many years as well, producing pioneering works in self-tuning databases and being one of the  leading advocates for the integration of DB&IR research.