H. V. Jagadish

H. V. Jagadish


2013 SIGMOD Contributions Award


Details: H. V. Jagadish has an extensive record of service to the database community over the past 25 years in a broad range of roles, including conference organization, journal editorship, and society leadership. He has spearheaded the development of the PVLDB model, a conference-journal hybrid designed to address some of the stresses on our current conference reviewing system. Many authors, and particularly younger and less-experienced authors, have greatly appreciated the opportunity to revise conference paper submissions. The VLDB conference has benefited from this effort, improving quality and increasing number of submissions. The adoption of a new reviewing and publication model has required tremendous effort and political skill, for which Jagadish should be recognized. Many other CS sub-disciplines are now looking to replicate a similar model. 

Jagadish has also led multiple efforts to expand the domain of database research over the years, through workshops, reports, and published articles. In particular, he has played a leading role in data management for the life sciences and for financial systems. More recently, he orchestrated the writing of a white paper on the challenges and opportunities in big data, aimed at NSF and other funding agencies, with a view to making clear the need for database research in addressing big data problems.

Jagadish is a team-builder with strong mentoring skills, and has had an important influence on the careers of many researchers. He has also served the broader computing community, including as a member of the CRA Board since 2009.