Surajit Chaudhuri

2011 SIGMOD Edgar F. Codd Innovations Award

Surajit Chaudhuri is the recipient of the 2011 SIGMOD Edgar F. Codd Innovations Award for his seminal contributions to research that led to practical tools for automated physical database design.

Details: Surajit Chaudhuri made significant contributions towards automated selection of physical database design. His landmark VLDB 1997 paper showed how, by exploiting workload information combined with the proposed “What-If” interfaces to the query optimizer, it is possible to help automate the choice of indexes. His work has had direct industrial impact, and led to the development of the Microsoft SQL Server “Index Tuning Wizard,” which was released in 1998. Since then, tools to aid in the physical database design process have become standard features of all major commercial SQL database products. Chaudhuri has made many other important contributions to the field of automated database tuning and query processing, on topics such as extending the scope of automated physical database design to materialized views and statistics selection, using sampling and workload-driven techniques to build histograms for query optimization, and the optimization of queries with aggregates.