SIGMOD Research Highlights are to showcase a set of research projects that exemplify core database research. In particular, these projects address an important problem, represent a definitive milestone in solving the problem, and have the potential of significant impact. SIGMOD Research Highlights also aim to make the selected works widely known in the database community, to our industry partners, and to the broader ACM community.

2021Bao: Making Learned Query Optimization Practical
Ryan Marcus, Parimarjan Negi, Hongzi Mao, Nesime Tatbul, Mohammad Alizadeh, and Tim Kraska
DFI: The Data Flow Interface for High-Speed Networks
Lasse Thostrup, Jan Skrzypczak, Matthias Jasny, Tobias Ziegler, and Carsten Binnig
FoundationDB: A Distributed Key Value Store
Jingyu Zhou, Meng Xu, Alexander Shraer, Bala Namasivayam, Alex Miller, Evan Tschannen, Steve Atherton, Andrew J. Beamon, Rusty Sears, John Leach, Dave Rosenthal, Xin Dong, Will Wilson, Ben Collins, David Scherer, Alec Grieser, Young Liu, Alvin Moore, Bhaskar Muppana, Xiaoge Su, and Vishesh Yadav
TURL: Table Understanding through Representation Learning
Xiang Deng, Huan Sun, Alyssa Lees, You Wu, and Cong Yu
No PANE, No Gain: Scaling Attributed Network Embedding in a Single Server
Renchi Yang, Jieming Shi, Xiaokui Xiao, Yin Yang, Sourav S. Bhowmick, and Juncheng Liu
Bipartite Matching: What to do in the Real World When Computing Assignment Costs Dominates Finding the Optimal Assignment
Tenindra Abeywickrama, Victor Liang, and Kian-Lee Tan
Imperative or Functional Control Flow Handling: Why not the Best of Both Worlds?
Gábor E. Gévay, Tilmann Rabl, Sebastian Breß, Loránd Madai-Tahy, Jorge-Arnulfo Quiané-Ruiz, and Volker Markl
Relative Error Streaming Quantiles
Graham Cormode, Zohar Karnin, Edo Liberty, Justin Thaler, and Pavel Veselý
Structure and Complexity of Bag Consistency
Albert Atserias and Phokion G. Kolaiti
Model Counting Meets Distinct Elements in a Data Stream
A. Pavan, N. V. Vinodchandran, Arnab Bhattacharyya, and Kuldeep S. Meel
2020A Framework for Adversarially Robust Streaming Algorithms
Omri Ben-Eliezer, Rajesh Jayaram, David P. Woodruff, Eylon Yogev
Chiller: Contention-centric Transaction Execution and Data Partitioning for Modern Networks
Erfan Zamanian, Julian Shun, Carsten Binnig, Tim Kraska
DIAMetrics: Benchmarking Query Engines at Scale
Shaleen Deep, Anja Gruenheid, Kruthi Nagaraj, Hiro Naito, Jeff Naughton, Stratis Viglas
Efficient Directed Densest Subgraph Discovery
Chenhao Ma, Yixiang Fang, Reynold Cheng, Laks V.S. Lakshmanan, Wenjie Zhang, Xuemin Lin
Fair near neighbor search via sampling
Martin Aumüller, Sariel Har-Peled, Sepideh Mahabadi, Rasmus Pagh
From Sketching to Natural Language: Expressive Visual Querying for Accelerating Insight
Tarique Siddiqui, Paul Luh, Zesheng Wang, Karrie Karahalios, Aditya G. Parameswaran
Optimistically Compressed Hash Tables & Strings in the USSR
Tim Gubner, Viktor Leis, Peter Boncz
Probabilistic Data with Continuous Distributions
Martin Grohe, Benjamin Lucien, Joost-Pieter Katoen, Peter Lindner
Query Games in Databases
Ester Livshits, Leopoldo Bertossi, Benny Kimelfeld, Moshe Sebag
Scaling Dynamic Hash Tables on Real Persistent Memory
Baotong Lu, Xiangpeng Hao, Tianzheng Wang, Eric Lo
2019Checking Invariant Confluence, In Whole or In Parts
Michael Whittaker, Joseph M. Hellerstein
Concurrent Prefix Recovery: Performing CPR on a Database
Guna Prasaad, Badrish Chandramouli, Donald Kossmann
Constant-Delay Enumeration for Nondeterministic Document Spanners
Antoine Amarilli, Pierre Bourhis, Stefan Mengel, Matthias Niewerth
Database Repair Meets Algorithmic Fairness
Babak Salimi, Bill Howe, Dan Suciu
Declarative Recursive Computation on an RDBMS or, Why You Should Use a Database For Distributed Machine Learning
Dimitrije Jankov, Shangyu Luo, Binhang Yuan, Zhuhua Cai, Jia Zou, Chris Jermaine, Zekai J. Gao
Efficient Logspace Classes for Enumeration, Counting, and Uniform Generation
Marcelo Arenas, Luis Alberto Croquevielle, Rajesh Jayaram, Cristian Riveros
Query Optimization for Faster Deep CNN Explanations
Supun Nakandala, Arun Kumar, and Yannis Papakonstantinou
Revealing Every Story of Data in Blockchain Systems
Pingcheng Ruan, Tien Tuan Anh Dinh, Qian Lin, Meihui Zhang, Gang Chen, Beng Chin Ooi
2018Succinct Range Filters
Huanchen Zhang, Hyeontaek Lim, Viktor Leise, David G. Andersen, Michael Kaminsky, Kimberly Keeton and Andrew Pavlo
Online Model Management via Temporally Biased Sampling
Brian Hentschel, Peter J. Haas and Yuanyuan Tian
MATLANG: Matrix operations and their expressive power
Robert Brijder, Floris Geerts, Jan Van den Bussche and Timmy Weerwag
How Do Humans and Data Systems Establish a Common Query Language?
Ben McCamish, Vahid Ghadakchi, Arash Termehchy, Liang Huang and Behrouz Touri
Efficient Signal Reconstruction for a Broad Range of Applications
Abolfazl Asudeh, Jees Augustine, Azade Nazi, Saravanan Thirumuruganathan, Nan Zhangk, Gautam Das and Divesh Srivastava
Efficient Query Processing for Dynamically Changing Datasets
Muhammad Idris, Martín Ugarte, Stijn Vansummeren, Hannes Voigt and Wolfgang Lehner
Entity Matching with Quality and Error Guarantees
Yufei Tao
εKTELO: A Framework for Defining Differentially-Private Computations
Dan Zhang, Ryan McKenna, os Kotsogiannis, George Bissias, Michael Hay, Ashwin Machanavajjhala and Gerome Miklau
Bridging Theory and Practice with Query Log Analysis
Wim Martens, Tina Trautner
2017Natural Language Explanations for Query Results
Daniel Deutch, Nave Frost, Amir Gilad
Magellan: Toward Building Entity Matching Management Systems
Pradap Konda, Sanjib Das, Paul Suganthan G.C., Philip Martinkus, AnHai Doan, Adel Ardalan, Jeffrey R. Ballard, Yash Govind, Han Li, Fatemah Panahi, Haojun Zhang, Jeff Naughton, Shishir Prasad, Ganesh Krishnan, Rohit Deep, Vijay Raghavendra
Scalable Linear Algebra on a Relational Database System
Shangyu Luo, Zekai J. Gao, Michael Gubanov, Luis L. Perez, Christopher Jermaine
From Think Parallel to Think Sequential
Wenfei Fan, Yang Cao, Jingbo Xu, Wenyuan Yu, Yinghui Wu, Chao Tian, Jiaxin Jiang, Bohan Zhang
A Relational Framework for Classifier Engineering
Benny Kimelfeld, Christopher R´e
2016Scaling Machine Learning via Compressed Linear Algebra
Ahmed Elgohary, Matthias Boehm, Peter J. Haas, Frederick R. Reiss, Berthold Reinwald
Wander Join and XDB: Online Aggregation via Random Walks
Feifei Li , Bin Wu, Ke Yi, Zhuoyue Zhao
A Scalable Execution Engine for Package Queries
Matteo Brucato, Azza Abouzied, Alexandra Meliou
Optimizing Tree Patterns for Querying Graph- and Tree-Structured Data
Wojciech Czerwiński, Wim Martens, Matthias Niewerth, Paweł Parys
Juggling Functions Inside a Database
Mahmoud Abo Khamis, Hung Q. Ngo, Atri Rudra
2015Multi-Objective Parametric Query Optimization
Immanuel Trummer, Christoph Koch
Data partitioning for single-round multi-join evaluation in massively parallel system
Tom J. Ameloot, Gaetano Geck, Bas Ketsman, Frank Neven, Thomas Schwentick
Resource Bricolage for Parallel DBMSs on Heterogeneous Clusters
Jiexing Li, Jeffrey Naughton, Rimma V. Nehme
Implicit Parallelism through Deep Language Embedding
Alexander Alexandrov, Asterios Katsifodimos, Georgi Krastev, Volker Markl
DeepDive: Declarative Knowledge Base Construction
Christopher De Sa, Alex Ratner, Christopher Ré, Jaeho Shin, Feiran Wang, Sen Wu, Ce Zhang
k-Shape: Efficient and Accurate Clustering of Time Series
John Paparrizos, Luis Gravano
Understanding Natural Language Queries over Relational Databases
Fei Li, H. V. Jagadish