Creating SIGMOD Online

SIGMOD Online, under the name ACM SIGMOD Information Server, came on-line in the summer of 1993. Marianne Winslett (University of Illinois) set up the server, Marie-Anne Neimat (HP Labs) took over operation of the server in 1994, and Alberto Mendelzon (University of Toronto) took over from late 1997 until mid 2002.

Design of SIGMOD Online

Marianne Winslett did the initial design when she set up the site. The site was redesigned in the spring of 2000 by Traffx Design,  directed by Alberto Mendelzon (University of Toronto). On April 7, 2010, a new design of SIGMOD Online using the Plone content management system was released. The redesign was coordinated by Jeffrey Xu Yu and mainly done by two postgraduate students Qi Pan and Zheng Liu (Chinese University of Hong Kong). In 2016 Curtis Dyreson redesigned the site in WordPress.  The SIGMOD logo was designed in 1998 by Jun Yang, a SIGMOD member and then a graduate student at Stanford University.

SIGMOD Record Web Edition

Arie Segev (Lawrence Berkeley Labs) and Jennifer Widom (Stanford University) started maintaining online SIGMOD Record Archives. In 1998 Michael Franklin and Alexandros Labrinidis (University of Maryland) created the SIGMOD Record Web Edition.  Michael Franklin was responsible for the new look for SIGMOD Record in September 1999 (its first update since 1986). The web edition site was redesigned by Alexandros Labrinidis in September 1999, and also updated in June 2000 (in order to keep in sync with the ACM SIGMOD Online site redesign by Traffx Design). Alexandros Labrinidis (Univ. of Maryland) and Michael Franklin (Univ. of California, Berkeley) were responsible for the Winter 1997 transformation of the SIGMOD Record section of the SIGMOD web server into SIGMOD Record – web edition.  In 2016 Huiping Cao redesigned SIGMOD Record web edition using WordPress.

SIGMOD Online Information Directors

This position, added to the SIGMOD Executive Committee, was created in late1997. There have been seven Information Directors to date: Alberto Mendelzon (University of Toronto) 1997-2002,  Mario Nascimento (University of Alberta) 2003, Alexandros Labrinidis (University of Pittsburgh) 2004-2006, Jeffrey Xu Yu (Chinese University of Hong Kong) 2007-2011, and Curtis Dyreson (Utah State University) 2012-2021. Sourav S. Bhowmick (Nanyang Technological University) and Byron Choi (Hong Kong Baptist Univeristy) are the current information co-directors. The website has been maintained along with a team Associate Information Directors, and many other individuals currently make or have made substantial contributions to SIGMOD Online as well including: Richard Snodgrass, Marcelo Arenas, Denilson Barbosa, Huiping Cao, Ugur Cetintemel, Curtis Dyreson, Manfred Jeusfeld, Alexandros Labrinidis, Dongwon Lee, Michael Ley, Wim Martens, Rachel Pottinger, Altigran Soares da Silva, Marianne Winslett, and Jun Yang.