The SIGMOD Software page was retired in 2019.

ACM SIGMOD maintains a list of publicly available software as a service for the database community. To allow easier orientation about the nature of the software, we have subdivided the lists into

Packages from non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations are for example universities or government research labs or open-source development communities.

Packages from commercial organizations

Commercial companies (incl. their research departments) which make certain packages publicly available.

In both cases, the packages are supposed to be offered free of charge at least to non-profit organizations. Listing a package in either list does not exclude commercial licenses for commercial usages. License terms are to be found with the suppliers of the package.

You can announce new packages to the lists by mail to the list maintainer. Please specify the following details:

  • name of the package
  • URL of the home page of the package
  • short description (less than 50 words)
  • contact name and email
  • name of the institution/community that supplies the package
  • date of release of the last version (if available)
  • URL of the license terms
  • legal status of package supplier (one of nonprofit, commercial).

More complete instructions are found here.

For reference purposes, we keep the list as of 20-Mar-2003 available for some time.

Note that ACM SIGMOD is not responsible for the correctness of the information supplied here.