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PODS 2007 conference has accepted 28 papers out of 187 submissions. They are listed below in a random order.

Variance Estimation over Sliding Windows
Linfeng Zhang and Yong Guan

Monadic Datalog over Finite Structures with Bounded Treewidth
Georg Gottlob, Reinhard Pichler and Fang Wei

XML Transformation by Tree-Walking Transducers with Invisible Pebbles
Joost Engelfriet, Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom and Bart Samwel

Reasoning about XML Update Constraints
Bogdan Cautis, Serge Abiteboul and Tova Milo

The Dichotomy of Conjunctive Queries on Probabilistic Structures
Nilesh Dalvi and Dan Suciu

Generalized hypertree decompositions: NP-Hardness and Tractable Variants
Georg Gottlob, Zoltan Miklos and Thomas Schwentick

Queries determined by views: pack your views
Maarten Marx

Maximally Joining Probabilistic Data
Benny Kimelfeld and Yehoshua Sagiv

CWA-Solutions for Data Exchange Settings with Target Dependencies
Andre Hernich and Nicole Schweikardt

On the Complexity of Managing Probabilistic XML Data
Pierre Senellart and Serge Abiteboul

Marrying Words and Trees
Rajeev Alur

Sketching Unaggregated Data Streams for Subpopulation-Size Queries
Edith Cohen, Nick Duffield, Haim Kaplan, Carsten Lund, Mikkel Thorup

Expressiveness and Complexity of XML Publishing Transducers
Wenfei Fan, Floris Geerts and Frank Neven

Maintaining Bernoulli Samples over Evolving Multisets
Rainer Gemulla, Wolfgang Lehner and Peter J. Haas

Finding Near Neighbors Through Cluster Pruning
Flavio Chierichetti, Alessandro Panconesi, Prabhakar Raghavan, Mauro Sozio, Alessandro Tiberi and Eli Upfal

Decision Trees for Entity Identification: Approximation Algorithms and Hardness Results
Venkatesan Chakaravarthy, Vinayaka Pandit, Sambuddha Roy, Pranjal Awasthi and Mukesh Mohania

Non-Linear Prefixes in Query Languages
Antonio Badia and Stijn Vansummeren

The Complexity of Query Containment in Expressive Fragments of XPath 2.0
Balder ten Cate and Carsten Lutz

Efficient Fragments of XPath with Variables
Emmanuel Filiot, Joachim Niehren, Jean-Marc Talbot and Sophie Tison

What is "Next" in Event Processing?
Walker White, Mirek Riedewald, Johannes Gehrke and Al Demers

Quasi-inverses of Schema Mappings
Ronald Fagin, Phokion Kolaitis, Lucian Popa and Wang-Chiew Tan

Optimization of Continuous Queries with Shared Expensive Filters
Kamesh Munagala, Utkarsh Srivastava and Jennifer Widom

On reconciling data exchange, data integration, and peer data management
Giuseppe De Giacomo, Domenico Lembo, Maurizio Lenzerini and Riccardo Rosati

Estimating Statistical Aggregates on Probabilistic Data Streams
T.S. Jayram, Andrew McGregor, S. Muthukrishnan and Erik Vee

Provenance Semirings
Todd J. Green, Grigoris Karvounarakis and Val Tannen

Privacy, Accuracy, and Consistency Too: A Holistic Solution to Contingency Table Release
Boaz Barak, Kamalika Chaudhuri, Cynthia Dwork, Satyen Kale, Frank McSherry and Kunal Talwar

Index-based Multidimensional Array Queries: Safety and Equivalence
R.S. Machlin

The Complexity of Reasoning about Pattern-based XML Schemas
Gjergji Kasneci and Thomas Schwentick

Organized by Tsinghua University Renmin University Peking University
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