New ACM SIGMOD Officers – Chair: Juliana Freire, Vice-chair: Ihab Ilyas, Secretary/Treasurer: Fatma Ozcan

Dear SIGMOD members,

As you may have seen already, as a result of the recent elections, our SIG has new officers:

– Chair: Juliana Freire


– Vice-chair: Ihab Ilyas



– Secretary/Treasurer: Fatma Ozcan



They took office on July 1st, picking the baton from Donald, Anastasia, and Magda. I want to congratulate them for their election and wish them the best of success as they start their efforts to bring SIGMOD to even greater heights.

The nomination committee for this year’s elections was:
– Mike Franklin
– Laura Haas
– Yannis Ioannidis (chair)
– Tova Milo
– Gerhard Weikum
I want to really thank the committee members for all their hard work, which led to a strong slate of candidates and subsequently to a great set of officers.

Best regards,
Yannis Ioannidis