ACM SIGMOD is pleased to present the 2014 SIGMOD Jim Gray Doctoral Dissertation Award jointly to Aditya Parameswaran and Andy Pavlo. Aditya completed his dissertation titled “Human-Powered Data Management” at Stanford University under the supervision of Hector Garcia-Molina; Andy completed his dissertation titled “On Scalable Transaction Execution in Partitioned Main Memory Database Management Systems” at Brown University under the supervision of Stan Zdonik.


Aditya ParameswaranAditya Parameswaran is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the University of Illinois (UIUC). He is currently spending the year visiting MIT CSAIL and Microsoft Research NE, after completing his Ph.D. from Stanford Universityin Sept. 2013, advised by Prof. Hector Garcia-Molina. He is broadly interested in data analytics, with research results in human computation, visual analytics, information extraction and integration, and recommender systems. Aditya is a recipient of the Arthur Samuel award for the best dissertation in Computer Science at Stanford (2013), the Key Scientific Challenges Award from Yahoo! Research (2010), two best-of-conference citations (VLDB 2010 and KDD 2012), the Terry Groswith graduate fellowship at Stanford (2007), and the Gold Medal in Computer Science at IIT Bombay (2007).


Andy PavloAndy Pavlo is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department at Carnegie Mellon University. He received his Ph.D. in 2013 at Brown University working on database management systems under the circumspect guidance of Stan Zdonik and Michael Stonebraker. While in New England, his research was focused on the development of the H-Store distributed transaction processing system (since commercialized as VoltDB). Before this, he was a systems programmer for the Condor Project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with Miron Livny.