Announcing the SIGMOD 2017 Student Research Competition

There is a new event for your undergraduate and graduate students at SIGMOD 2017, the ACM student research competition. This is a *totally new event* involving three rounds of competition, and is not a poster or programming competition.  In round one students will be judged on an extended abstract on their work, which will be submitted on CMT by this November, […]

ACM Webinar on Open Data Science

Overview Title: Embracing Open Data Science in Your Organization Date: Wednesday, September 07, 2016 Time: 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time Duration: 1 hour Summary (Click here for starting time at your location) Large organizations wanting to leverage the amazing technology being developed in open source for data science in the Python, R and Spark ecosystems struggle […]

Call for Nominations – 2016 SIGMOD Systems Award

The SIGMOD Systems Award is awarded to an individual or set of individuals to recognize the development of a piece of software that made a significant technical contribution to the database management field and which was made available for others to use. The nomination deadline is April 1, 2016. Overview The SIGMOD Systems Award is […]

Call for Nominations – 2016 ACM SIGMOD Innovations and Contributions Awards

The SIGMOD Awards Committee invites nominations for the SIGMOD Edgar F. Codd Innovations Award and the SIGMOD Contributions Award. The nomination deadline for all awards is March 13, 2016. In 1992, ACM SIGMOD started the Annual SIGMOD Innovations Award and SIGMOD Contributions Award as part of its Awards Program. In 2004, SIGMOD, with the unanimous […]

2016 Heidelberg Laureate Forum

Applications and nominations for the 4th Heidelberg Laureate Forum must be completed by February 3, 2016. The Heidelberg Laureate Forum was created by the Klaus Tschira Foundation, the Heidelberg Institute of Theoretical Studies, ACM, the International Mathematical Union, and the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters to provide an opportunity for young researchers to spend […]

2015 ACM Fellows

Several members of the SIGMOD community were recognized in 2015 as ACM Fellows for Innovations in Computing. The honorees are Anastasia Ailamaki EPFL For contributions to the design, implementation, and evaluation of modern database systems Giuseppe De Giacomo Universita’ di Roma “La Sapienza” For contributions to description logics, data management, and verification of data-driven processes Jayant […]

Michael Stonebraker and Lawrence Rowe Receive the Inagural (2015) SIGMOD Systems Award

Dr. Michael Stonebraker and Dr. Lawrence A. Rowe are the recipients of the 2015 SIGMOD Systems Award for fundamental contributions to the design and implementation of modern, object-relational database systems as embodied by the Postgres DBMS.   Michael Stonebraker and Lawrence Rowe      2015 SIGMOD Systems Award   Dr. Michael Stonebraker and Dr. Lawrence A. Rowe are the recipients […]